Let’s first talk about fine art photography…


For me, fine art photography means storytelling with the image in front of me. It is not merely an image that I took with my camera, but there is a purpose behind it, maybe a longer storyline or a strong message. You are always free to create it yourself, there are no artistic rules, no restrictions it is just you and your mind.

It makes me incredibly happy to be able to freely be creative and offer memories that will last a lifetime. Have you ever seen an image that you absolutely needed to set your gaze upon a second or even a third time, it made you stop and wonder what is happening here, who is this main character and why are they there? This is where I’m aiming for, for someone to stop and wonder just a bit longer.


You can present a situation or a story that you would wish us to create together.

For example, is there an important life event that you wish to remember in an artistic way or do you want to remind yourself how brave and amazing you are.? Or have you always wanted to be the hero of your own story just because why not?

If you wish you can also give me free hands with the vision and planning. I’m always up for a challenge!

I will send you a questionnaire in which I will ask you to tell me something about you and your wishes with this photo shoot. After I have received your questionnaire, I will start the process of planning the photo shoot and finding the perfect location. You can always suggest a location if you have a place in mind that has meaning to you.

After this we will arrange a video call / in person meeting and discuss what kind of vision I have for you and the feedback you want to give me and we can agree on the storyline.

I will then gather a set that reflects the storyline the best and put it all together so all you need to do is to arrive to the agreed location and follow my directions. We can also play music during the photo shoot if that makes you feel more comfortable, you can send me your playlist beforehand if you wish.

The set used in the photo shoot depends entirely of the storyline that we are working with, sometimes it is something very simple and sometimes it can involve renting props from several places. This we will discuss at the pre meeting.

After the photo shoot I will start the editing process, this will take approximately 2-3 weeks. You will receive a private online gallery.


Pricing starts from 280e.

This is based on with the time used on planning (questionnaire, location scouting and pre meeting), the photo shoot, prop renting (clothes, furniture, vehicles ect.), set building, editing and creating the photo book and gallery.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!